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Are you looking for a reliable silicone tubes and hoses manufacturer? Suconvey guarantees that you will receive the highest-quality silicone rubber tube and hose available in the industry for any purpose. We have you covered if you need wholesale, OEM/ODM silicone rubber hose, tube, or replacements for a DIY project. Get a FREE quote today!

Silicone rubber hose or tube is a type of extruded silicone rubber product that refers to a connected part by tube with some joints for conveying gas, liquid, or fluid with solid particles. Usually, after the fluid is pressurized by blowers, compressors, pumps, and boilers, it flows from the high pressure to the low pressure, and the fluid can also be transported by its pressure or gravity. Pipes are widely used, mainly used in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long-distance transportation of oil and gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering, and various industrial installations.

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Suconvey is a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer that chooses the highest quality raw materials from all over the world as our long time experience in this industry after comparing the materials from different countries and districts, we get rid of the materials with any bad feedback and products.
During these years of development our silicone rubber tube products were exported to almost all countries in the world, we have a steady distributor in many developed countries such as the USA, Canada, and Japan… who get the most sincere support from the one stop purchase experience and after-sale service. We got a good global reputation from distributors and end-users. Hope we can always grow together with our cooperator friends.

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Silicone rubber tube and hose products are popular transport parts in many pharmaceutic or small life necessary machines which have the interior or exterior liquid or air-fluid when working or operation. Because the transport materials or liquid or air with the properties of heat temperature, sub-zero temperature, large article, acidic or alkaline … such as extreme performance that other materials cannot withstand, at this time the silicone with its flexible properties prevent advantage will be a good and economy materials to be chosen.

To cover most of the application range of different environments and transport materials, our silicone rubber hose and tube are sacrificially customized to high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, super soft or hard hose, anti-acid, and anti-alkali, reinforce materials… to meet 80% customers usefulness. With the experienced engineer and technician, the most professional and available guide will be supplied by our company. Please don’t hesitate to tell me your requirements, your design, or even your drawing.

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Silicone rubber ducting&hose&tube is a kind of connection hollow cylindrical tube made by silicone rubber materials which are extruded the silicone rubber compound after mixed enough and group different types and specific hose models to meet different application requirements in different equipment or machine in industry or life such as Dialysis machines, Coolant pipes, Suctions and filling hoses, Hot water, and steam cooking hoses, Transport lines, Permeable fermentation pipes, Compressed air pipes, Protection hoses, Food and pharmaceutical industries, Platinum cured silicone bore…

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We are professional silicone products manufacturer can supply the most complete products system from high temperature silicone rubber sheet, silicone rubber tubing, custom silicone seals, hot stamping silicone rubber roller, silicone rubber vacuum seal bags and other custom silicone parts of various of size and types for different applications.

Silicone tubes are most commonly used as a flexible and durable tubing material for medical, industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications. The tubes are made of a special silicone rubber which is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemical exposure. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments and long-term applications. Silicone tube can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes, colors, and wall thicknesses to meet the specific needs of each application.

Uses in Automotive Industry

Silicone tubing is commonly used for a variety of applications in the automotive industry. It is often used to secure hoses and other parts in automotive systems such as air conditioning, fuel lines, brake systems, and more. Silicone tubing can also be used to house wiring, which helps protect it from heat and other environmental conditions. Additionally, silicone tube can be used for vacuum line applications that require flexibility or increased resistance to temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, silicone tube is ideal for fluid transfer in both high-pressure and low-pressure environments due to its strong adhesive properties and extreme durability.

Uses in Medical Applications

Silicone tubes are commonly used in medical applications such as catheters, stents and tubing for drug delivery systems. Catheters are small, flexible tubes that can be inserted into the body to help deliver medication or other fluids directly to a specific part of the body. Stents are tiny expandable mesh tubes that can be used to open a blocked artery or other passageway within the body. They may also be used to provide support for weakened blood vessels. Lastly, silicone tube is often utilized in complex drug delivery systems to accurately and safely deliver medications directly into the bloodstream via IVs or syringes.


Silicone tubing is an incredibly versatile material used in a variety of applications. Its most common use is to transport liquids and gases, mainly because its temperature resistance makes it ideal for this purpose. Silicone tubing can resist temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F, so it’s suitable for applications requiring the transfer of heated or cooled fluids. This makes it great for medical devices and laboratory equipment that require the transfer of both hot and cold liquids.

In addition to being temperature resistant, silicone tubing also has great chemical resistance capabilities due to its inert nature. It can be used in many industrial settings since it resists most acids, bases, oils, greases and solvents as well as UV radiation and ozone exposure. This makes it a great choice for food-grade fluid transfers such as beer brewing or wine making processes where sanitary conditions must be maintained.

Finally, silicone tubing is also popularly used in automotive applications due to its flexibility and ability to withstand extreme temperatures without hardening or losing shape over time. It’s commonly found in engine cooling systems where hot liquid needs to flow through tight spaces without causing damage or leaks due its strong elasticity.

  1. Please confirm your inquiry request as the usefulness.
  2. Please measure your application place size and count the quantity. If you have drawing, better send to us. If you have no drawing please tell me your application and tell me where do you want to use it, better to know the application equipment model, we can make drawing or solutions for you.
  3. We will making drawing as your demands or required products photos or pictures.
  4. Please confirm the size and quantity, especially the specifications of what you want so that I can supply the most precise guide and suggestions.
  5. Making samples as your exact requirements and appplications.
  6. Testing and confirm the samples and making upgrade if necessary.
  7. Placing order and prepare the production.
  8. Arrange the delivery after out of warehouse test.
  9. After-sale service follow the goods always.

Before purchase: Give the most professional guide for choosing the right products or service system.

After purchase: Warranty for 1 or 2 years as the application and your requirements. Any damage will be repair or replace new during warranty as long as use the products as the right way and normal wear of the products apart from any break by personal reasons.

After-sale: Always give the most professional suggestions for the products working status, give support for customers marketing developments of own brand business. Always repair as long as we keep cooperation.

Silicone tubing is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. It is available in different sizes and colors, making it perfect for a variety of projects. Here are some tips on how to buy silicone tubing and where to find it. It is also important to purchase the correct size tubing for your project. You need to tell the silicone hose manufacturer the following points in order to make the high-quality silicone tube you need:

  1. Inner and outer diameters, dimensions
  2. Tensile strength
  3. Color
  4. Application
  5. Special requirements
  1. In the garden, silicone tubing can be used as a drip irrigation system to water plants.
  2. It can also be used as a hose for washing cars or watering gardens.
  3. Silicone tubing is perfect for use in the kitchen as a food-grade hose for transferring liquids or ingredients. Coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, fryer, sterilizer, water dispenser, pulp maker, bread maker, burning appliance, water heater, etc.
  4. In the workshop, it can be used as a flexible hose to move air or oil around, and it doesn’t easily kink like metal hoses do.
  5. For craftsmen and artists, silicone tubing can be used as a flexible moulding material that is easy to shape and non-toxic.
  6. For people with disabilities, silicone tubing can be used to make a hand grip for people who have difficulty using tools or reaching something on a high shelf.
  7. Silicone tubing also makes an excellent building material that is light and strong, and it doesn’t rust like metal does.
  8. Silicone tubing is often used in medical applications, such as in intravenous (IV) lines and blood collection tubes. It is used to convey air, water, or other fluids through medical equipment and devices. Hose made of silicone is inert and non-toxic, making it a safe choice for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It also resists degradation from heat and chemicals, making it a reliable option for conveying fluids in demanding environments.

Installing silicone tubing can seem like a daunting task, but with a few tips and tricks it can be a breeze. The first step is to measure the length of tubing you need. Be sure to add a few extra inches for fittings and connections.

Next, cut the tubing to size using a sharp knife or scissors. Be careful not to nick or cut the tubing too close to the fittings, as this will make it difficult to connect.

Now that the tubing is cut to size, it’s time to install the fittings. There are several types of fittings available, so be sure to choose the ones that fit your needs. Slip-fit fittings are easy to use and require no tools, while threaded fittings provide a more secure connection. Pump-fit fittings also come in different sizes and work well for connecting tubing.

Lastly, it’s important to use the right glue for your application.

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