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custom silicone products manufacturer

If you are looking for consistently high-quality customized silicone products that can be made in nearly any configuration then you are at the right place. More importantly, our process capabilities allow for the quick delivery and short lead times demanded by today’s custom design market. Click on the get a quote button below to get started.

Our one-stop silicone rubber maintenance products developed into six complete systems can meet 100% of your requirements and product demand. The sixth is customized silicone products which included Baby Care Silicone Rubber Stuff, Cooking Silicone Rubber Tools, Medicine Silicone Rubber Tools, Silicone Rubber Daily Necessities, Silicone Rubber Container, Silicone Mug Wraps, Personnel Custom Silicone Rubber Stuff, Silicone Rubber Tableware, Silicone Rubber Fitness Equipment and Silicone Keyboard. All products in these six systems concreted together and developing more and more complete so that can bring our cooperator a very good feeling of the one-stop project purchase experience.

Various of Custom Silicone Products Types

SUCONVEY Offers High Quality custom silicone products

Suconvey Rubber | Cooking silicone rubber tools manufacturer

Cooking silicone rubber tools

Cooking silicone rubber tools is a new technology generation kitchen supplies made with affordable FDA-approved food-grade silicone rubber materials that can withstand high temperatures. Such as pots and pans, microwave gloves, tableware, and containers. Our silicone tools are not harmful to the human body and are compact and convenient designed so that more and more popular these years.

Suconvey Rubber | CUSTOM silicone rubber BELLOW DUST COVER


1. Silicone rubber dust covers have the characteristics of High/low temperature-resistant, Oil-resistant, Ozone resistant, Wearing-resistant, and Aging resistant. 2. Size:105/130/145/160/170/customized.
Hardness: 30-90 shore A.
3. Apply to Heavy-duty machinery and equipment coupling, Tamping hammer part for dustproof and shock absorber.
Suconvey Rubber | custom silicone rubber keyboard manufacturer

laptop silicone keyboard cover with waterproof

The silicone keyboard cover is easy to maintain, protect, and use for a laptop or desktop computer. It effectively prevents dust and water in computer environments. The material provides comfort, and strength, and is easy to bend. The silicone membrane keyboard can be washed again and again, as you prefer. You can select several of your keys to be printed in different colors following your preferences.

Suconvey Rubber | Customized Shape Silicone Mold For Chocolate, Soap, ice

Customized Shape Silicone Mold For Chocolate, Soap, ice

1. Mold can be easy to remove by pressing the bottom.
2. It is safe, easy to wash, flexible, high and low-temperature resistant(-60 C 240 C), and can be used in microwaves and ovens, and refrigerators.
3. 100% guard offers environmental protection through harmless silicone material and can be used in European food safety standards(LFGB).
Suconvey Rubber | custom silicone rubber plug stopper manufacturer

Customized molded Silicone rubber stopper vavle seal

Silicone rubber stopper sealing is manufactured from silicone for a wide variety of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents. It’s heat-protective, sound protective, and resistant to penetration. It’s round in cross-section to create a sealed unit between overlapping cylindrical surfaces. The silicone’s hardness of 70A protects against abrasion.

Suconvey Rubber | custom coffee glass cup silicone mug wrap

custom cup Sublimation silicone mug wrap

Looking for a fun and easy way to customize your coffee mug? Look no further than sublimation silicone mug wraps! These wraps are designed to fit snugly around standard-sized coffee mugs, and they can be printed with any design you like using a standard sublimation printer.Heat resistant silicone mug wrap and metal, high temperature resistance and reusable. Easy to use and install and replace in seconds.

Suconvey Rubber | NFC RFID customized silicone bracelets factory

custom silicone bracelet&wristbands

Looking for a unique and customized silicone bracelet or wristband? Look no further than the custom silicone bracelet and wristband factory! Our team of experienced professionals can create anything you dream of, from simple one-time use bracelets to elaborate designs that can be worn every day. With our wide range of materials and customization options, there is no doubt that we can create the perfect silicone bracelet or wristband for you!

We aware of

Quality of The custom silicone products

Wide Custom Options for your projects


We offer the option to produce silicone products in different sizes to ensure that the product’s function can accommodate your application accurately.


You have a wide range of color options to consider which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring in some unique pieces.

  • Anyone on Pantone color list
  • As your color sample
  • Mix your specific require color for unique pieces

Surface Treatment

Our custom solutions feature the production of silicone rubber in different surface treatments to help ensure that they fit in with your desired products.

  • Matte/wave/smooth surface
  • With special logo
  • With sticky surface
  • Customize your note pattern


Different raw materials with different specifications for your various applications. We offer wide options to ensure you get one that suits your demands.

  • High and low temperatures require from -60℃ to 350 ℃
  • FDA approved/Food grade/medical grade/baby grade
  • Special hardness from 20° to 90° shore A
  • 0.9 to 1.7 density for special requirements
  • Flamable retardant,Anti-static
Suconvey Rubber | Custom silicone tube manufacturer
Suconvey Rubber | silicone rubber gasket factory
Suconvey Rubber | silicone extrusion products manufacturer
Suconvey Rubber | silicone rubber roller manufacturer

custom silicone products

Custom silicone products are the most popular material in life and industries so it varies changeable in the model and design which cater to various usage scenarios as the different conditions and environment. Therefore, we supply high-grade professional customer service for our customers as different custom silicone product designs and applications. Size custom is a basic factor, besides, color, hardness, temperature, shape… all can be specific design for every requirement and inquiry.

Please don’t hesitate to tell me your requirements, your design, or even your drawing. If your wanted products are easy, we can freely produce for you as our experiences and supply the most suitable products for you. If it is complicated, we can supply the most professional guide for your use environment and make a design model for you to put on your machine. So there is never a difficulty before us, it has, let’s solving together.

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Know More Your custom silicone products With Us

Silicone cooking tools are a life necessity at home or restaurants where have food-related places are needed, so the raw materials must obtain the properties of food-grade, chemical stable, long service life, precise design, friendly to cooker or kitchen machines, heat resistant and no smell…because need to make to different tools which range from prepare cooking, making cooking, have meal till cleaning kitchen. Below are more details about our custom silicone products:


In every organization or company, there are certain processes that members have to follow in manufacturing or producing an item. We have outlined all the processes that our silicone rubber products pass through before final delivery of our custom silicone products.

Suconvey Rubber | transparent silicone rubber sheet manufacturer

1. pick silicone raw materials

This is the first step to manufacturing your silicone rubber products. The required silicone raw materials needed for your project will be purchased at this stage.

2. Mix silicone rubber compound

Mix up the raw rubber materials with different products’ specific requirements as much as possible so that the silicone compound is evenly mixed. After mixed enough, the products will be clear and extremely beautiful as your target

3. calendering and extrued silicone rubber 

We will then go into the manufacturing phase at this stage making sure we follow the guidelines and requirements received from you.

4. quality control

Before we ship the custom silicone products, we will ensure that the silicone products meet all the required standard and certification before it will be shipped.

why choose us

Quality Ensured Products

Our silicone rubber products are made out of quality and durable material that will last long and withstand harsh working conditions.

Professional Service

We offer professional support and services to all our customers. We are always available 24/7 to attend to your inquiries.

Worth Performance

We have a reasonable and affordable price in the market. You don’t have to break the bank before you can afford our silicone products.

One Stop Supplier

Our supply chain system is the best you can find in the industry. We know how important you need to your shipment and we will be working closely with you to ensure we deliver your desired silicone rubber products to you.

Worry Free Procurement

Procuring silicone rubber products with us is seamless and easy. All you have to do is talk to our online customer support whenever you have challenges making procurement and they will put you through.

Friendly Financial Policy

We understand that it’s not easy acquiring wealth and going into business and that is why we have drafted out a friendly financial policy to help you make easy purchases and payment with us.

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Share your thoughts and customize your target products with our silicone rubber specialist.

About Company

Professional and Expert custom silicone products FACTORY

Suconvey is a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer that chooses the highest quality raw materials from all over the world as our long time experience in this industry after comparing the materials from different countries and districts, we get rid of the materials with any bad feedback and products.
During these years of development our custom silicone products products were exported to almost all countries in the world, we have a steady distributor in many developed countries such as the USA, Canada, and Japan… who get the most sincere support from the one-stop purchase experience and after-sale service. We got a good global reputation from distributors and end-users. Hope we can always grow together with our cooperator friends.

Suconvey Rubber | silicone products manufacturer

Estimated Manufacturing And Shipping Times

We have a working system of delivery schedule in place and we follow this schedule judiciously to ensure your silicone rubber products gets to you on time and safely too.

step 1.

Suconvey Rubber | green silicone rubber sheet manufacturer

Design and Manufacturing

We will design the Frameless Shower Door to be manufactured first before we proceed with the manufacturing if the design meets all standards.

step 2.

ship 2

Packing the Crates for Delivery

When the manufacturing has been completed, we will then package the crates to ensure a smooth and safe delivery process.

step 3.

ship 3

Customs Clearance and Loading

At this stage, we will carry out all necessary customs clearing before your Frameless Shower Door will be loaded for delivery.

step 4.

ship 1

International Delivery

This is the last stage of the manufacturing and delivery process. At this stage, you should be waiting to receive your Frameless Shower Door when it finally arrives at your location.

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We are professional silicone products manufacturer can supply the most complete products system from closed&open cell silicone sponge sheet, silicone rubber rope&cord, silicone rubber pad, silicon rubber rolls, silicone vacuum glass seal bags and other custom silicone seals products of various of size and types for different applications.

  1. Please confirm your inquiry request as the usefulness.
  2. Please measure your application place size and count the quantity. If you have drawing, better send to us. If you have no drawing please tell me your application and tell me where do you want to use it, better to know the application equipment model, we can make drawing or solutions for you.
  3. We will making drawing as your demands or required products photos or pictures.
  4. Please confirm the size and quantity, especially the specifications of what you want so that I can supply the most precise guide and suggestions.
  5. Making samples as your exact requirements and appplications.
  6. Testing and confirm the samples and making upgrade if necessary.
  7. Placing order and prepare the production.
  8. Arrange the delivery after out of warehouse test.
  9. After-sale service follow the goods always.

Before purchase: Give the most professional guide for choosing the right products or service system.

After purchase: Warranty for 1 or 2 years as the application and your requirements. Any damage will be repair or replace new during warranty as long as use the products as the right way and normal wear of the products apart from any break by personal reasons.

After-sale: Always give the most professional suggestions for the products working status, give support for customers marketing developments of own brand business. Always repair as long as we keep cooperation.

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Suconvey Rubber manufactures a comprehensive range of rubber products. From basic commercial compounds to highly technical sheets to match stringent customer specifications.