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Antistatic Shock-Absorbing Polysilicon Material Turnover Box

Polyurethane Material Turnover Box Supplier

Key Features

  • 60 shore A, 70 shore A, 80 shore A, 90 shore A urethane available
  • Custom size is available
  • Good Shock-absorbing, Anti-static
  • Wear abrasive Polyurethane material
  • Temperature from -20 to 60°C available
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Extremely durable, Anti-aging
  • Storage and transportation of polysilicon

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Suconvey is a professional silicone&PU rubber products manufacturer that chooses the highest quality raw materials from all over the world as our long time experience in this industry after comparing the materials from different countries and districts, we get rid of the materials with any bad feedback and products.

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Polysilicon is a crucial material in the production of electronic devices, but it is also highly sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). This is where antistatic polysilicon turnover boxes come in. These specialized containers are designed with antistatic properties that help protect the delicate polysilicon during storage and transport.

Additionally, antistatic polysilicon turnover boxes offer exceptional cleanliness and contamination control. Contaminants such as dust particles or foreign matter can negatively impact the quality and performance of electronic components. The design of these boxes ensures that they have low particle generation properties, keeping your valuable polysilicon free from any potentially harmful substances. This not only reduces the chances of device failure but also helps maintain high production yields for efficient manufacturing processes.

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Another notable feature of the antistatic polysilicon turnover box is its robust design. Made from high-quality and durable materials, this box can withstand rough handling and protects the stored contents from any potential impact or damage. Its sturdy construction also enables easy stacking, maximizing storage space and ensuring organized inventory management.

Furthermore, the antistatic polysilicon turnover box offers superior protection against dust and moisture. Its tight-sealing lid creates a secure barrier, preventing any external elements from infiltrating and affecting the quality of the electronic components inside. This feature is particularly valuable in environments with high humidity levels or where there is exposure to water or other liquids.

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Polycrystalline silicon is an important raw material for solar cell manufacturing. Its quality and storage conditions have a crucial impact on the performance and life of solar cells. Therefore, the standardization and scientificization of polysilicon warehouse management processes are of great significance to ensure the quality and production efficiency of solar cells.

The polysilicon warehouse should establish a complete management system and operating procedures to clarify various work responsibilities and procedures. Warehouse managers should have professional knowledge and skills and be proficient in the quality inspection, packaging, transportation and storage of polysilicon to ensure the quality and safety of polysilicon.

The quality inspection of polysilicon is an important part of warehouse management. Before polysilicon is put into storage, it should undergo strict quality inspection, including appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, impurity detection, resistivity test, etc. Only polysilicon that has passed the quality inspection can be put into the warehouse to ensure that the quality of the polysilicon in the warehouse meets the requirements.

Third, the packaging and transportation of polysilicon are also important aspects of warehouse management. Polysilicon should be packaged using professional packaging materials and methods to avoid damage during transportation. During transportation, attention should be paid to measures such as moisture-proof, shock-proof, and sun protection for polysilicon to ensure that the quality of polysilicon is not affected.

The storage of polysilicon is also an important part of warehouse management. Polycrystalline silicon should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and cool environment, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. During the storage process, the quality and quantity of polysilicon should be checked regularly to ensure that the quality and quantity of polysilicon meet the requirements.

The standardization and scientificization of polysilicon warehouse management processes are of great significance to ensuring the quality and production efficiency of solar cells. Warehouse managers should have professional knowledge and skills to establish sound management systems and operating procedures, and strictly implement various work processes such as quality inspection, packaging, transportation and storage to ensure the quality and safety of polysilicon.

The applications of antistatic polysilicon turnover boxes are vast and varied, making them invaluable in a range of industries. One key application is in the semiconductor industry, where these boxes are used for the safe handling and transportation of delicate silicon wafers. The antistatic properties of the box prevent any static electricity from damaging the sensitive components, ensuring a reliable and efficient production process.

Another important application is in the food industry, particularly for storing and transporting electrostatic-sensitive ingredients such as powders or flours. The antistatic nature of these turnover boxes prevents any build-up of static charges that could cause explosions or damage to the ingredients. This not only ensures their safety but also extends their shelf life by preventing any alterations in quality caused by static electricity.

Furthermore, antistatic polysilicon turnover boxes find prominent uses in electronic manufacturing and assembly lines, where they provide a safe environment for the storage and transport of electronic components like integrated circuits (ICs) or printed circuit boards (PCBs). The anti-static properties effectively shield these delicate parts from electrostatic discharge (ESD), thus minimizing defects caused by electrical overloads that can impair their functionality.

In conclusion, the use cases for antistatic polysilicon turnover boxes extend across various industries due to their ability to protect sensitive materials from harm caused by static electricity. Whether it is safeguarding silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing, preventing explosions in food production facilities, or ensuring high-quality electronics during assembly processes – these innovative solutions play.

  1. Please confirm your inquiry request as the usefulness.
  2. Please measure your application place size and count the quantity. If you have drawing, better send to us. If you have no drawing please tell me your application and tell me where do you want to use it, better to know the application equipment model, we can make drawing or solutions for you.
  3. We will making drawing as your demands or required products photos or pictures.
  4. Please confirm the size and quantity, especially the specifications of what you want so that I can supply the most precise guide and suggestions.
  5. Making samples as your exact requirements and appplications.
  6. Testing and confirm the samples and making upgrade if necessary.
  7. Placing order and prepare the production.
  8. Arrange the delivery after out of warehouse test.
  9. After-sale service follow the goods always.

Before purchase: Give the most professional guide for choosing the right products or service system.

After purchase: Warranty for 1 or 2 years as the application and your requirements. Any damage will be repair or replace new during warranty as long as use the products as the right way and normal wear of the products apart from any break by personal reasons.

After-sale: Always give the most professional suggestions for the products working status, give support for customers marketing developments of own brand business. Always repair as long as we keep cooperation.

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